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When pros like Walker Ryan take notice and post something about you on their blogs (Under Saturation) you must be doing something right.

“This is a kid that skateboarding is going to have to watch out for. I met Malky for the first time two years ago when Tom Remillard brought him up to San Francisco during a filming mission forĀ Perpetual Motion. While quiet and reserved in my living room, Malky was aggressive on his skateboard in the streets and in the skatepark and was ready to skate any and everything that was in front of him. What impressed me most about him on that trip wasn’t his natural ability on a skateboard, but his genuine ignorance to the larger skateboarding culture that existed, suddenly in every conversation around him. Skate videos, skate history, who’s sponsored by who and who skates like who and who’s done what and where and when and why certain guys are lame while others are awesome. Malky hadn’t been exposed to it yet. He was the farthest thing from your average up and coming skate nerd you could imagine. But this wasn’t because he was going for some image, or was trying be that bad ass “I don’t give a fuck skater” like there are so many of, who seem to be pretending they don’t care while actually caring a lot. Malky was just a ripping surfer who always skated and then started skating more. And while he sat there in every conversation, I could tell he was soaking it all in like a sponge, trying to get a grasp on the whole nerdy, over analyzing skateboarding world he was suddenly a part of. Malky’s progression from that trip to this video part is a testament of how talented he is, because watching him during that trip I never would have imagined he could do what he’s done here today. Remember the name.” – Walker Ryan